photos of mothers and their children

Hope Award Regional Finalist

My Safe Harbor exists to create a pathway to hope for low-income single mothers exhibiting foundational life skills deficits. Our programs are simple, straightforward, practical, cost effective and geared to empower and equip. Whether they are involved in Zumba! or Mother’s Club, Electives or our intense Strong Families Institute, lives are being changed.

Here are some quotes from our most recent graduating class of the Strong Families Institute:

"I have come to believe that I am valuable, that I am capable and, most important, that I am not alone. My Safe Harbor is now MY safe harbor."

"For the first time in my life I heard people say, 'You can do this.' They actually believed in me. And you know what I found out ? I can do this! "

"The old me would never decide for herself, she always had someone to decide for her or tell her what to do. But the new me can decide for herself because she now has dreams, challenges and goals to reach."

"I love that child care was provided. Without it I could never have done this. And, my kids love coming to the Harbor House. It has helped all of us."

SFI grads