Celebrating volunteers

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I’ve been working with volunteers for most of my life. For the most part, it is a rewarding experience. People who give of their time and talent for a project they feel passionate about are a wonderful breed! May their tribe increase! So many organizations and worthy projects would never have been successful without them. Tireless effort, personal sacrifice, creative flexibility, teamwork and just plain blood, sweat and tears have built everything from global ministries to little league.

Think of the things that have received your time and treasure. All of us can point to selfless opportunities that have changed our lives and the lives of others. My Safe Harbor is one more. It is impossible to calculate how many have done how much in the progress we’ve made thus far. A few weeks ago, as we wrapped up our spring quarter, we took ten of our “premiere” volunteers out to lunch to celebrate them in a very special way. Some of them have already logged 100 hours and it’s only halfway through the year!

We’ve come so far because people have a passion for this work, not because they get a paycheck. People give above and beyond their resources because they believe in what we’re doing. It’s people stepping up to meet needs, seeing opportunities and making sacrifices, that has brought us farther in the last seven years than ANYONE would have believed…not because they have to, but because they CHOOSE to. How do we put a price on that? But, perhaps the most meaningful part of the celebration last month was that six of those ten premiere volunteers are Strong Families Institute graduates. That, my dear friends, is priceless!

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