Christmas at Court

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This is going to be a busy fall and for the first time we’re doing TWO big events. The first I talked about a couple of weeks ago – our 8th Anniversary and Fundraising Dinner. I hope you’re coming! But we’re also going to have another, new event: Christmas at Court. Why, you may ask?

Our Annual Dinner is really more geared for insiders and potential donors. We want this new event to not only raise money, but give a winsome and effective introduction to My Safe Harbor. So…we’ve been in a quandary to find something we could do that would be more of an entry-level event – as much a friend raiser as a fund raiser.

Enter the Herald Trumpets: Christmas at Court. We believe it will be a unique, fun, inclusive community event that will become a highlight of the year and a highlight for My Safe Harbor. In all we’ll probably have about 75 people involved in the production…including some important community VIP’s like Police Chief Raul Quezada as our Captain of the Guard! But, with the stunning costumes, the glorious music (an amazing ensemble of 14 wonderful singers!), the sumptuous food, the hilarious Jester, the “illusion” of the castle and all its enchantments, it will be a rich experience and a chance to be part of honoring My Safe Harbor and our amazing families in a unique and different way.   Tickets are $75 and $50 for a four course dinner theater experience. I hope you’ll come and I hope you’ll fill a table with people who need to meet My Safe Harbor and kick their Christmas season off by celebrating this organization whose DNA is deeply grounded in the spirit of giving. Email me at  for more information and to order your tickets!

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