Community in the Urban Context

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This week we met 18 wonderful students from Hope International University who will be with us all fall. They are part of a new pilot internship program for upper-level students who want to experience “Community in the Urban Context.” Their class will meet at our facility twice a week and serve internships with several of our great collaborative partners. Every week they will have key players from the city presenting in class. From the Chief of Police to the Executive Director of Network Anaheim, they will be exposed to 15 of the most dedicated and effective servants in our city.

Dr. Kip Lines, Intercultural Studies Professor at HIU (and newest member of our Board of Directors) and our own Jessika Ahlberg, LCSW and adjunct professor at HIU, are combining their considerable skills to make this pilot happen. I hope these students quickly figure out how fortunate they are to have such talented and committed professors!

HIU chose us because we have been so successful at the collaborative process and because Anaheim is becoming a model city in cooperation, collaboration, and problem solving. This is going to be a unique experience in every way. We have placed students in a variety of internship opportunities and they will all be part of our fall schedule, too – they start by working at graduation this Saturday! It’s going to be exhilarating and challenging for them and for us. We’re grateful for HIU’s confidence in us and for giving us this opportunity to shine!

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