The First Quarter is designed as a “jump start” to introduce important information but also to develop the group dynamics and processes that will ensure success throughout the program. The entire program is built on principles of self-discovery and adult learner methods. The primary goal is to help women gain the confidence needed to take charge of their lives and families and move toward a healthy lifestyle and stable family. Subjects include Respecting Yourself and Others, Finding Your Voice, Unleashing Your Potential, Home Management, and Financial Planning.

The Second Quarter is devoted to personal development and includes the internationally known program “Personal Strengths Relationship Theory” which uses the “Strength Deployment Inventory” and also covers Understanding Personal Motivation and Conflict Management. Also included in this quarter are comprehensive sessions on Relationships and Conflict Management, Reality Therapy/Choice Theory, Spiritual Formation, Building Confidence and Self Esteem, and Making a Personal Plan. At the beginning of the second quarter, each woman is assigned a trained and dedicated mentor who will work with them until graduation.

The Third Quarter is devoted to strengthening yourself and your family and developing the skills for improving home life. Included in this quarter are comprehensive sessions on Effective Parenting (five weeks!), Being a Life-Long Learner, Employing What You’ve Learned, Evaluation and Inspiration, and a comprehensive Reflections Paper and Graduation!

The Fourth Quarter is…..never over! We call our alumni experience The Fourth Quarter. Once a month alumni meet for a potluck dinner, fellowship, and continuing education. Child care is provided and extensive opportunities for continued learning and staying connected and accountable are the primary goals. Our alumni have a lot of fun!