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Have you ever found yourself wondering if your life could be different?

Would you like to make some changes in your home?

Are you far from your country of origin and your extended family?

Are you overwhelmed by the needs and demands of your children?

Do things seem out of control in your home and family?

Do you feel alone and unsure of yourself?

Do you wish you had more confidence and self-esteem?

If you said yes to any of these questions, we hope you’ll consider participating in one or more of the programs offered at My Safe Harbor. Our goal is to offer you new resources, relationships, and responsibilities and to help you become the woman and mother you would like to be. With new friends, new ideas, and practical tools you have the chance to change the one person in the world that only you can change – yourself!

Mother’s Club

These weekly clubs of 15-20 meet throughout the year and serve mothers from the Anaheim community, providing fun with friends while giving you opportunities for skill-building and learning. Every week you can participate in activities that help you be a better mother and a more confident woman. Activities include crafts, parenting issues, nutrition, healthy food preparation, cooking, and seasonal ideas. There is no cost for participating. There is FREE child care for children ages 1-4.

Mother’s Club takes place every Wednesday morning, 9:30-11:00am, at the Harbor House, 819 S. Harbor Blvd. In addition, there are SIX other off-site Mother’s Clubs. Five are in area elementary schools (Franklin, Price, Jefferson, Olive, Orange Grove) and one is at the Oasis Family Resource Center and Rockwood Apartments. Call the office (714.399.0590 x 206) for a more specific schedule for these groups.

Enrichment Electives

These courses last from 2-4 weeks, require more commitment, and provide more thorough information on topics like helping your child to read, first aid, preparing nutritious meals, budget organization, sewing, cooking, crafts with children, improving in math, improving in math, improving relationships, and others. These electives are all designed to help you be more active and responsible in taking care of yourself, raising your children, and managing your home.Pre-registration is required. Childcare is FREE, but pre-registration is also required for this.

The Strong Families Institute 

The Strong Families Institute is an intense, transformational experience that provides an ongoing environment for education, inspiration, and personal development. This program is for women like you who are ready to do the work of improving their own lives and the lives of their children. If you want to become a more secure, capable, prepared, and responsible woman and mother, this is the program for you.

Here are some important things you should know about this program:

  • You must be referred to the program by someone who knows you well and has worked with you previously: someone from your child’s school (teacher, counselor, principal), a counselor, your priest or minister, a teacher from another class, an employer, or a graduate of the program.
  • SFI is built on a cohort model, so you will join 12 to 15 women and be together for 32 weeks to create a strong, safe, and intimate group.
  • The cost is $1,000 for the entire year and provides your facilitator, all books and curriculum materials, supplies, meals each week, child care, and a number of special events including graduation. If you cannot pay the full amount, there is an opportunity to contribute volunteer hours at My Safe Harbor to cover the cost of your participation. You must contribute at least $100 of your money for the program.
  • During the first quarter, your cohort will meet mentors, who are also graduates of the program, who will provide personal support and encouragement.
  • The groups meet once a week for 3 1/2 hours. New groups start every January, May, and October.
  • This program requires a full admission process. Drop by the Harbor House, 819 S. Harbor Blvd, and pick up an application packet or click here to learn more.