It’s all about transformation

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I’ve been writing and writing…and writing! The specific work has been in putting together a comprehensive Policy and Procedures Manual for the Board of Directors. Our consultant has been pushing me to clarify, clarify, clarify. It’s been a challenging but very helpful experience.

One of the things to come from the work has been what our consultant calls The Paragraph. The goal is to funnel everything someone should know so they can understand what we do and put it in just one paragraph…much harder than it looks!  I thought I’d share it today. Let me know what you think…

The primary goal of the My Safe Harbor program is to get every woman we meet through the Strong Families Institute (SFI). It is the “cycle breaker” that brings about the transformational changes that have been so dramatic for the graduates of that program. Many think we are just a parenting program. We are much more. We believe strong women will be strong mothers and help build strong families. But it is more than a few good parenting techniques. It is the transformation of a life – someone believing they are a valuable, capable, confident, loved child of God responsible for their own personal growth, for the growth of their children, and for affecting their world. As they move to become PTA officers, classroom volunteers, and neighborhood leaders and as their children graduate from high school and college, find meaningful employment and become responsible citizens, the entire neighborhood is affected. But perhaps the most meaningful outcome is that they have become the primary source of protection and influence in the lives of their own children by shaping their spiritual formation and by building resilience, character, and the ability to thrive and mature. They join the centuries-old pantheon of mothers who change the world by selflessly shaping their children to reach their potential.

Feel free to share that with the people in your sphere of influence. Our long-term success is tied to convincing more and more people that the work of MSH is worth their prayers, their time and their resources. Transformation is difficult but crucial work.


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