It’s buzzing around here!

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I LOVE this time of year! There’s literally a buzz around the place. It’s not unusual to have both classrooms, the child care room and all the offices filled and overflowing. Laughter, lots of conversation, hugs and a palpable sense of “being home” permeates every corner.

We’re committed to best practices in our curriculum and classes and to providing a variety of practical tools and opportunities for our mothers, but the foundation of all it – and we believe the reason we’ve been so successful – is relationships; creating a home away from home.

Change means risk. That’s what we ask our moms – and ourselves – to do every day. Our challenge is to create an environment that will encourage taking that risk. Trusting relationships are the key. Relationships that are wide and deep. They include cheerleading and encouragement, they include tears and empathy, they include honest assessment and truth-telling, they include empowering and expectations and equipping. And that’s what was going on today. It’s exhilarating, it’s exhausting, it’s exciting, it’s exactly what we’re supposed to be doing.

And the buzz is infectious….come see for yourself. Be a part of risk and change. It will do your soul good!


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