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We’re still basking in the glow of a record-breaking Fundraising Dinner this past Thursday night.

Attendance, cash gifts, pledges for 2016; in every category, we exponentially increased anything we’ve done before. We’ll give a full report here soon, but for now, here are a few of my notes from Thursday night:

Every one of you in this room understands the challenges we face as a city and as fellow human beings because of the pathologies that are affecting our communities – especially our families. Gangs, violence, family instability, poverty, school dropout rates, teen pregnancy…the list is long and depressing and, frankly, overwhelming….until we realize that wringing our hands isn’t going to get us anywhere. If ever there was a “roll up your sleeves and jump in” moment in Anaheim, it is now. You can’t do everything, but you can do something. THAT is what drives My Safe Harbor and our many collaborative partners and volunteers. We’re doing something….we think a BIG something, an effective something, a real crack at the solution to transforming that dire list I just spoke about. As important as crisis intervention is, and we have some of the best agencies anywhere doing that work right here in Anaheim, we have to address the deeper, generational, long-term solutions that not only stop the symptoms now but accelerate the prevention process as well.

Many of you have heard me say this before, but we must realize that we can have a youth center on every corner and an after school program in every school, but if we help a mom, we can change a family. And best of all, we can be part of helping that mother become the primary preventive agent in the lives of her own children: breaking cycles, fueling the dreams, investing in their future children and watching them avoid the mistakes and heartaches that stymied her life. That is so worth every part of the effort it will take.

We’re only seven years old. We’ve been working on a shoe string and lots of prayers. But I’ve been in the ministry for 45 years and I must say that I have NEVER been involved in anything that has been as consistently confirmed as a “God thing” than My Safe Harbor. We’re not perfect. We can’t do everything. But, we are committed to doing what we can.

That’s all we’re asking of you tonight. What can YOU do? The time for wringing hands is over. Right in front of you is an opportunity to invest in the future in a unique and effective way. There are some of you in the room that could match or help us find others to match The Sacred Harvest Foundation investment. There are some in this room that could underwrite the $15,000 required for every cohort of the Strong Families Institute. There are some of you that know people who ought to be introduced to what we do.

You can call me and set up a time to meet with people you know who ought to know about MSH or ask me to speak to a group to which you belong or just come yourself and learn more – see for yourself what we’re doing.

You can volunteer and be on the front lines of connecting with mothers and families.

You can be added to our Monday Morning Update group….that will make you a real insider as you get weekly updates in all we’re doing – the ups and the downs.

You can be added to our monthly ENews and stay informed.

I know you can’t do everything, but you can do something. I hope you will.



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