When one door closes, another opens!

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You may have heard My Safe Harbor was to be the recipient of a new service project movement called Love Anaheim. Love Anaheim is a multi-sector movement with the goal of loving and serving the city of Anaheim. They provide four service events per year, and we were selected to be part of the first one. Our building was in major need of a facelift on the exterior and one of the Love Anaheim projects was to paint our building. The building had not been painted in ten years and was in pretty rough shape. However, it turned out the extent of work needed was beyond the scope of volunteer work and the project just wasn’t going to work out.

But the story doesn’t end there. Drive by our building and you’ll notice that we have a beautiful new exterior, because in the last few weeks we were able to hire a contractor that gave us an incredible deal.  They completed all the prep work and finished painting the building last week. Although they gave us a great deal, the price was still high and we weren’t sure how we would cover the cost, but we knew the job had to be done. We were blown away by the donations we received from our supporters. We were able to cover the entire cost of the project through our donors.  If you gave to this project, we are sincerely thankful for your gift. This means we have a beautiful exterior to match the beautiful work that goes on inside our building. Furthermore, the cost of the work did not take away from our programs because of generous people like you. Thank you!

Come by and visit us to see it in person!


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