Our numbers are up–way up!

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Just got the numbers for our 1st quarter participation (THANKS to Susi and Suramy!) and the numbers are up—way up. In all of 2014 we served 128 different moms (and their 320 children) in our programs—our highest numbers yet. It’s been a steady and manageable growth for the most part and we’ve been blessed with amazing volunteers and a great staff to keep us moving forward. And then came 2015.

With the addition of our Mother’s Clubs on Wednesday nights and at Orange Grove and Sunkist Elementary schools and our continuously improving electives, we have already served 122 moms (and their 305 children) IN JUST THE FIRST THREE MONTHS!!!!! This week we added our new morning exercise class, and we’re adding double electives on Tuesdays and probably at least one more elementary school.

numbers up copyThere are even plans in the works to start thinking about some satellite locations in Anaheim or beyond, which means the possibility of taking My Safe Harbor on the road to other neighborhoods. THAT will be a game changer! We’ve got a tiger by the tail, so we’re hanging on for the ride and expecting an excellent, exciting, exhilarating, expansive, exploding, exceptional expedition…and we’re exulting…and a little exhausted just thinking about it!

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