Project Turkey Leg 2016

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Once again, we had an amazing response to our Annual Project Turkey Leg. Every year we are reminded what a difference small but meaningful things can make. The biggest boon of this project is the students who successfully participate. They “win” this amazing meal  (turkey, all the fixin’s including fresh produce, and the recipes in both English and Spanish) for fulfilling a contract they sign at the beginning of the school year. They have to have perfect attendance, keep up with homework, and stay out of trouble. The meal is hand delivered to their family by their GRIP case manager, their principal, and an APD Safe Schools Officer…it’s an impressive experience! But perhaps the most amazing part is the difference in makes for the kids. Some really engage in school for the first time.

We forget what a difference it can make if students are actually at school every day, actually doing their homework, and actually working to manage their own behavior. For many, it’s the first time they realize they can be successful and that “maybe school isn’t so bad after all.” The teachers are our #1 fans in this program. Another great addition this year was the high-profile participation of our SFI Ladies, many of whom have had children win this prize and know how much it meant to their family. Watching them pack the bags and then pack the vans for delivery was pretty emotional for me this year. And besides that, they are amazing workers! We set records for getting stuff done this year and it was done SO well!!

150 students won this prize for their families this year. 835 people will enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving with much to celebrate this year. Every year we hear great stories of families cooking together and the effects of this gift. Thank you to all who donated money, time, or prayers for this important event. At your own Thanksgiving meal this year, say a prayer for the families who were touched by Project Turkey Leg – and especially for their child who won the feast! And pray for My Safe Harbor as we continue to engage with these precious families.

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