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I’m sorry to say that relaxing is not one of my strong suits. Oh, how I wish it was. I just have a hard time unwinding and sitting still. We’re up in Montana at Flathead Lake (straight out of Glacier National Park!). We’re in a large cabin (all my kids and their kids) right on the lake and we’ve just been living in bathing suits. The water is crystal clear…and cold, but it is also refreshing and so appreciated in the HOT weather. It stays light until 10:00 p.m. – really! And contrary to my normal frenetic pace, I’m actually relaxing!

The biggest reason is my family. My sons and their wives are amazing and sharing so much of the load for cooking, cleaning up, making plans, keeping things fun, laughing and acting goofy…it’s such a blessing. The grandkids are a riot to watch and it’s very “centering” for me to just be with family and watch them do their thing. Cousin time is fun to watch, and lively conversations and just hanging out are rejuvenating.

So what does any of this have to do with MSH? Well…it’s about families. One of the reasons I’m able to relax this week is that I’m surrounded by people who care about me, want the best for me, will challenge me, will support me, will listen to me, will laugh…and cry…with me and who help me gain important perspective even when things are hard. They have created a safe place for me to be who I am and to celebrate the ups and downs of life…and keep going. We all do better in environments like that.

At MSH that is at the core of our mission – to create a safe environment that provides the support and the motivation to keep going, through all of life’s ups and downs. Many of us take that for granted. Many whom we serve are experiencing it for the first time. From laughing to crying to learning to growing to connecting to reaching for new goals, all of those things are wrapped in a deep sense of safety and family…it’s such a blessing.  I’m praying that the funding, the staff, and the plans for the future all can be kept in the context of a strong, safe family. That’s the only way I’m going to stay relaxed when I get back home…hold that thought!


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