We are committed to the success of every participant and so expect those referring people to the program to note these specific details:

— The SFI program is completely non-coerced. We do not accept court-mandated applicants, behavior contract participants, or any others who are not completely volunteering of their own volition to participate.

— MSH is a faith-based nonprofit. We believe in a holistic approach in our programs that includes spiritual health as a vital part of a healthy life. MSH is not a church and we do not actively proselytize. However, we do encourage our clients to consider church participation and refer those interested to local churches that can meet their needs.

— MSH is not a crisis intervention program. By design this is not a clinical program, but an ongoing peer and mentor program where ultimately women who have completed the program and made substantive changes in their own lives will pay it forward by investing in the lives of other mothers in their own community.

— We purposefully take the long view. Generational cycles are not broken in a six-week class or in 12 counseling sessions. It requires long, sometimes halting and painful personal assessment and incremental progress. Our programs are not just about classes or counseling or curriculum, they are about building trusting relationships with real, life-changing tools that empower risk taking and honest personal assessment.

If you know a woman who is ready to do the hard work of changing her own life, please contact us or download the application packet here.