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So…I’m sitting in my office at the My Safe Harbor headquarters on a quiet Wednesday morning. It’s spring break and there are no mother’s clubs or electives or even staff around; just me and my long list of things I need to get done. The urgent duty of the morning is getting all the first quarter donor statements and letters in the mail. We are so blessed with an incredibly faithful (and growing) group of individuals who have invested in our important work and I’m thanking the Lord for each one as I fold their letters and get them ready to go…and of course praying that their tribe will increase! It has been a particularly difficult first quarter. Not because we can’t pay the bills…we can. Not because we are behind on anything…we’re not. But because we seem to be stuck at an impasse.

We are growing tremendously. Our numbers, our programs, our credibility, our good reputation…all are on the rise. But it’s the anniversary of our marathon grant writing effort last year – that brought in exactly ZERO – and we have continued to leave no stone unturned in the effort to find the funds to go to the next level. The work is relentless and I keep thinking something is going to break. This is where I should begin to wax eloquent about our confidence that God has and will provide for all our needs and it’s just a matter of being patient. Yeah, not so much. My brain totally understands and believes that God will be faithful to us as He always has…it’s just that my gut doesn’t always get that message and my pigmy faith hits me squarely in the face. So as I stuff these envelopes and give thanks for these precious partners, I can’t help but wonder, “How long, O Lord, how long?”

And then in walks Dr. Heather Cova of The Fieldstone Foundation and she lights up my office with her gorgeous smile. “Good morning!” she practically sings. “Well, hi, Heather. Great to see you!”

“Just wanted to drop by and give you a little gift this morning…” Now she has my full attention. “I’ve got a check from the Foundation. It’s not much, it’s sort of a down payment. We want you to know how impressed we are with your work and give you a little encouragement as we continue to work on the proposal for more.” And then she hands me a check for $15,000 – SURPRISE! “Use it for whatever you need, it’s unrestricted.” I’m speechless…and you know that is rare. We ended up having quite a fascinating conversation about the future of MSH and how much people are noticing what we do, including The Fieldstone Foundation. “Keep making those big plans and dreaming your dreams, Becky. It’s going to happen.” Oh, me of little faith. Isn’t it funny that we pray so hard for things and then when they come, we’re so surprised?! Hang on…there’s more coming, I’m sure of it…even in my gut! Thanks, Heather, for the wonderful reminder!

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