Timing is everything!

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One of the great challenges of life is timing. Consistently doing the right things at the right times is really an art form. In the world of the small, young non-profit it can be the difference between thriving and struggling. Should we add this program? Should we add that staff? Should we ask this donor? Should we write that grant? We don’t want to go too slowly or be too cautious, but we can’t afford to gamble much. Are we stepping out in faith or putting the organization at risk? These are the questions that keep me awake at night.

We’re at one of those pivotal moments right now. On August 13 we swelled our total number of SFI graduates to 81. The first cohort graduated in March, 2012 so it has taken us over four years to get those 81 graduates. During that time we have tweaked and improved both the curriculum and process. If things go as planned, we will start three cohorts this October and three more in January. If they are full (15 each), we could potentially graduate more in 2017 than we have in those four previous years! That will mean lots of recruiting and mentors and finances and serious volunteer hours to find! In other words, some serious growing pains!!

We’re praying that our timing is perfect. Will you join us in helping to make it happen? Now is the time to volunteer, to become a champion donor, to refer a mom to the program. We believe we are ready and that God has prepared us for “such a time as this.”



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