Urgency: bane or blessing?

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Sometimes it seems that life just careens from one urgent task to another. A slave to my calendar, I worry that I will forget something if it isn’t written down…which makes my calendar FULL!!  In the old days my calendar was full of work AND all the things the kids were doing. These days, I fill it all by myself with things that seem so urgent…”I just have to get this done!”

I once read an article that was titled “The Tyranny of the Urgent.” What a telling description.  Urgent is defined as “requiring immediate action or attention.” Hmmmm…in a world where immediate is just not fast enough, urgent gets, well, really urgent! Technology has raised our expectations for getting information and getting results immediately. Yes, I know that makes me sound old.

Maybe we need to redefine urgent and put it through the priority grid in our lives. But, that’s not calming things down for me, because the transformational work that we are committed to is nothing if it’s not urgent. Our society is crumbling under the weight of the dissolution of the family.  Addiction, loneliness, isolation, mental illness and a host of other social pathologies are the watch words for assessing how we’re doing as a society. It’s not a pretty picture. Yet, in the midst of the chaos sits My Safe Harbor, and we’re making a difference.

That may sound grandiose, but it’s true in the small sense of our immediate neighborhood. We are immersed in trying to counter the pathologies every day by growing dignity and igniting dreams and building strong families and offering hope. The good news is that it is catching on. More and more women are coming looking for a different way. The neighborhood is noticing. Lives and families are really changing. If that isn’t urgent, I don’t know what is. What is we need is more people to carry the burden of reaching out and being part of the change.

If you are already involved in the work at MSH, bless you, thank you and we know you are making a difference.  If you’re not, let us know and we can get you plugged in!



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