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I’m back in the office after my little “vacation” for a knee replacement and am once again reminded that we have an amazing team here. They didn’t even miss me!! Programs progressed, bills got paid, lives were touched, things just hummed along. This week everyone is back from Spring Break and we’re jumping! It’s not just our staff, however – only two of them – who kept things going. Our volunteers are just getting better and more and more important to our success – and they are everywhere.

From the SFI grads who lead our off-site Mother’s Clubs to the child care sweethearts to our front desk receptionists to our superstars who keep the stats and keep us organized,  EVERY WEEK we have at least 25 different people in the office, making things happen. If you add to that the volunteers who serve on our Board of Directors, the tech and graphic specialists, the special event teams, the folks helping us with all our bylaws revision and “systems” work, it is quite a network! In 2016 we had 200 different people give us over 5400 hours of work and it looks like we’ll beat that in 2017!

Besides the work, they are connecting with our mothers and their children and helping to build the trusting relationships that make MSH that safe place so many of our ladies talk about. They make it possible for us to be serving record numbers of people. In March we DOUBLED the number of participants in all our programs. In April our numbers will be a little off, but we had no programs for two weeks as our schools are out. Now we’re in the throes of all the spring events and once again our volunteers will lead the way. From our SFI students to our SFI grads to our regular volunteers to the crew busy at work to make our annual Mother’s Day Tea  its usual charming success (we’re expecting 100 ladies!); the work, no, the transformation, goes on. We are so blessed! Is there something you could do? We promise we will find something you can do and enjoy; a role you can play in bringing dignity, dreams, strong families, and hope to our neighborhood. Think about it; join us!

Volunteers are part of our DNA. We planned from the beginning to engage as many as we could in this important ministry. We are exceeding our own expectations in this department. We have formulas to calculate the “in kind” value of all these hours and expertise , but the truth is…..they’re priceless.


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  1. What an amazing group of women! Glad to have their Leader back in the saddle!