What do you see?

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I’m waiting in the airport in Boston for a flight back home after a quiet, colorful week in Grand Isle, VT…right in the middle of Lake Champlain. It was really quite uneventful…which made it perfect. We did a lot of driving around through an amazing number of tiny little towns. We even went to the Ben and Jerry’s Factory and Cabot’s Creamery to watch them make cheese! We ate in lots of little unknown places that seemed out in the middle of nowhere – with great food. But, the thing about Vermont, is it’s an artist’s paradise. Everywhere we turned there was a little artist enclave and some of the most fascinating things to see. Not just your ordinary painting or pottery, but REALLY unusual stuff. We watched a glass blower make the most gorgeous jewelry out of old zippers…yes, zippers. So many things that some creative geniuses “saw” and made happen. It was fascinating. I’ve included a picture of one that really captured me – I stood and just stared at it for the longest time. Take a close look at it. Do you see what it is? Yes…it’s a crane…but it’s made out of pieces of driftwood. There’s lots of driftwood along the shores of Lake Champlain because it’s surrounded by lots and lots of trees. But what hit me as I looked closely at it was what this artist had done with just random pieces. Something that was just tossed aside, not worth saving and left to the ravages of weather, was discovered by an artist’s eye, picked up, cleaned off and made into a stunning – and expensive – piece of art. How did that artist “see” that in the midst of stacks of driftwood strewn on a rocky beach? I don’t know, but I’m so glad they did. It captured me.

You know where I’m going with this. I see women every day that many think of as tossed aside, not worth saving, and left to the ravages of life. I’m so grateful God has given My Safe Harbor the mission to not only see these women, but the heart to pick them up, clean them off, and introduce them to the Master’s Touch. They are stunning in every way and finding new eyes themselves for what God can make out of their lives and their children’s lives. It is truly a work of heart…and art. I wasn’t able to buy that beautiful bird, but I’m going to frame that picture and put it in my office. I want to be reminded every day that God can make “new creatures” of us all…and I’m determined to work at “seeing” better every day!


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