Jeff Ahlberg, Executive Director

My Safe Harbor is solving problems in our community by providing the place and the program to build personal capacity in mothers that transforms their lives and the lives of their children. I can’t think of a more important investment of my time and energy and am proud to be part of making a difference. 




Jessika Ahlberg, LCSW, Program Director

I love being part of an organization that is empowering individuals to make their own changes in themselves, their families, and their communities. This is why I became a social worker. My Safe Harbor’s approach to social service is different than traditional models and that is exciting to me. My favorite part about working at My Safe Harbor is watching a group of strangers become close friends, witnessing mothers grow more confident, secure, and hopeful, and getting to know some of the most amazing women in our community.




Ana Cayetano, Program Coordinator

As a graduate of The Strong Families Institute and a mother, I have a unique perspective that allows me to really connect to to the mothers coming to My Safe Harbor to find refuge. God is doing amazing things in these mothers and I am honored to be apart of their transformation story. 




Mallory Grismer, Program Specialist

I got involved at My Safe Harbor 2 years after graduating with a BA in Spanish at Point Loma Nazarene University.  I had been looking for an entry position which would combine my love of the Spanish language and culture with the deep calling I have always felt to help others be influencers of change in the community around them.  That is exactly what I found at My Safe Harbor.  I am so excited to be part of this team and witness where the future takes us!




Teresa Tapia, Childcare

I love working with children – I’ve dedicated my life to working with them because their future is so important. I love to watch how the women grow and change through what MSH does and how that affects their children. It is an important way for me to be part of the work here that will also affect this community.


Anaheim Sporn, Chair (Term through 2019); Neighborhood Superintendent, City of Anaheim

As the new Board Chair, I am pleased to be part of an organization that is truly making a transformational impact on our community. I have been connected to MSH from the beginning as a City employee and for the last 18 months as a member of the Board of Directors. It has been encouraging to watch My Safe Harbor transform the lives of these mothers by showing them that they are capable of not only changing themselves and their families, but also their neighborhood. They gain confidence, empowerment and tools to make change happen in their schools, neighborhood and the larger community around them.

Robert Pate, Psy.D., (Term through 2021) Professor of Psychology at Cal Baptist University

Dr. Robert Pate has served on the board with My Safe Harbor since January 2018. Dr. Pate is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Orange County, CA, and specializes in working with distressed couples and adult men. He also serves as Director of Clinical Training and Associate Professor of Psychology for the Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology Program at California Baptist University. Dr. Pate’s research interests include Christian Psychology, psychotherapy with couples, and the integration of psychology and faith. He attends First Christian Church in Huntington Beach, CA with his wife and three children.


Lolly Domond (Term through 2020); Coordinator, Gang Reduction and Intervention Partnership, Community Service Programs

I have chosen to be a member of My Safe Harbor’s board because I believe wholeheartedly in the mission and work that MSH does. I have worked with at-risk youth and their families for ten years and have come to understand the importance of a strong family unit. Children succeed when parents, especially mothers, succeed! There is nothing more powerful and life-changing in the life of youth than an empowered parent.  I am excited to be part of this important empowering movement that is so needed in our community.

Lisa Luckey (Term through 2019); Retired

I love being on the Board of My Safe Harbor!   MSH is one of the few organizations in our community whose vision and mission is to create long-term, sustainable change in the lives of women. There is great joy in seeing these women grow and positively impact their children and community!

Sarah Steele (Term through 2021; Chair, Missions Ministry Team, Anaheim First Christian Church)

My Safe Harbor was just a thought when I moved to Anaheim. Volunteering for many years now, I have seen the heart of why and what we do. I am truly honored to be on the board and able contribute towards our long-term goals and ideals.