The world is falling apart

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I heard someone say this week that if feels like the world is falling apart. So much bad news. It seems like almost every day there is another gut-wrenching announcement of death and destruction and just plain evil. This political season has been demoralizing and filled with a deep sense of disappointment. 2016 just seems like it needs a massive do over!!

In a recent note to some of our amazing Anaheim Police, I tried to encourage them by saying that we can’t despair. “As bad as things are, there have been times that are worse. I don’t despair. Yes, things seem dark, but I was a teenager when John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated and the streets from LA to Detroit to Newark were on fire in horrible riots. I remember watching the ROTC building on my college campus go up in flames. I remember by brother serving in Vietnam and being spit on when he came home. Those were dark days, too.   The sad part to me is that we keep thinking that governments and police departments and social programs are going to solve this. Only when we know each other and care about each other and truly listen to each other and share our lives will we see the solutions to the things that plague us.”

Every generation has its “dark days.” Power, money, ambition, deceit are not new vices and from the beginning of time, human beings have been affected by their awful consequences. The challenge for all of us is not to despair, not to stand on the sidelines and wring our hands, not to give in to the cynicism. Nothing expels the darkness like light! Let your light shine and get involved in making a difference. That’s what we’re trying to do every day and we could use your help!

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