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Hello…it’s been a while! 2016 came and went and so did my blogging for the last two months! It’s not that nothing has been going on, it’s that EVERYTHING has been going on. I’m trying to believe that is a nice problem to have! I’m planning to get back with the program now, so watch for regular Wednesday posts and give us your feedback.

I want to share a fascinating graphic. Our friends at the city have access to some pretty amazing whiz-bang software that can take a bunch of addresses and plot them on a map. They recently did that for us and and generated this image.

We gave them the addresses of 200 participants that are presently on our roster, and most of them are on this map. Twenty of them (all Strong Families Institute grads) are out of the immediate area – Long Beach, LA, West Covina, San Clemente… two are even in Texas! But the VAST majority of them (180) are right here in close proximity to our office within a one-mile radius. Just look at this: the green dots are general participants, mostly in our Mother’s Clubs or attending Electives. The gold dots are SFI grads. The Blue dots are SFI grads who are active in our Alumni Association, working as volunteers and LEADERS in the community. I LOVE those blue dots! And these don’t include the 13 ladies who just started our newest SFI cohort last week.

You also can’t see the HUGE cluster that is right around the office. There are so many that they had to be “stacked.” Part of that is because a number of them have the same address…more than one family in an apartment or in the same apartment complex. We’re working to get this done in a more photo-friendly way, but I couldn’t wait for you to see it. Those dots represent 200 amazing women, but those dots also represent families…over 600 people! They are connected to us and they are in the process of changing the future…and more are coming. WOW!


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